Alex McDonald

Alex McDonald is currently the Executive Director of the Wise Foundation and CEO of Water Source Australia. He has extensive experience in working with corporate organisations on a national level as well as small scale service businesses. Alex has been a primary developer and manager of a range of community organisations working with marginalised people and groups concerned with social and community development and support.

Alex has co-developed many social enterprises in Australia including:

  • The Big Issue
  • Bizness Babes (Biznessbabes.com.au)
  • The Gardens club Brisbane
  • Buffed
  • Speakout Australia

Alex assisted in the development of the Jarwun (Cape York ), Indigenous Enterprise program with Westpac Bank and Boston Consulting Group and is currently developing social enterprises in Timor Leste and Samoa. Alex has assisted organisations such as Origin Energy, Santos, Rio Tinto, BP and numerous government agencies identify and develop social enterprise and community engagement strategies.

He is co-author of Australia’s first guide to social enterprise development for young people and has developed various training programs for youth enterprise in Australia and the South Pacific.

Alex will present in a concurrent session titled ‘Different approaches to funding community services’.

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