Masterclass: Building the foundations for place-based collaboration

This masterclass will be presented by Collaboration for Impact on day two of the conference.

Learn about the thinking and action required to build the foundations for a successful collaboration in your community.  Working collaboratively is tough as it requires us to actively seek out those with different ideas, opinions and perspectives from us.  Learn how to design and develop collaborative practice at all levels of your initiative.  This workshop will provide participants with a combination of individual and group learning, practical frameworks and tools to apply to your community.

Based on Collaboration for Impact’s (CFI) Collaborative Change Cycle, the workshop will cover the leadership, collaboration and impact work involved in building the foundations for place-based collaboration.  This will include:

  • calling for a new way of working;
  • getting started;
  • building the container for change and collaboration;
  • diagnosing your local community and service system; and
  • setting up a backbone role, structure and practice to suit local conditions.

Participant outcomes

  • New knowledge and skills
  • Practical frameworks, templates and tools
  • A deeper understanding of the unique backbone role
  • An understanding of their initiative’s place in the Collaborative Change Cycle
  • An expanded network of peers working on similar initiatives
  • Increased confidence to lead and collaborate in place-based change.

About Collaboration for Impact

At the forefront of developing skills and experience on collaboration and Collective Impact in Australia, CFI brings over four decades of skills and experience in helping leaders and organisations develop collaborative solutions to their most complex challenges.  Working in over 20 place-based collaborations across Australia, CFI brings hands-on experience of how to apply and build collaborative practice for systems change.

CFI specialises in developing the collaborative leadership capability of organisations and communities to adapt to face new challenges or opportunities.  We focus on building the adaptive capability across leadership, management processes and practices, particularly where collaboration is required with different priorities and agendas.  As a learning organisation, CFI:

  • builds skill and capacity to address complex social problems;
  • offers a range of face-to-face and online learning events and programs; and
  • is part of, and contributing to, an international learning network.

Leadership for Complexity Master Class, Sydney, 28 and 29 September 2017

Backbone Book Camp, Sydney, 10 weeks from  16 October to 12 December 2017