Mike Folland

Mike Folland is the Acting General Manager, Mission and Business Growth and brings a broad range of commercial and community development experience within Australia and the Asia/Pacific.

Before coming to Churches of Christ in Queensland in 2015, Mike worked for Origin Energy as a Senior Contracts Manager on large scale renewable energy projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

He has a Bachelor of Theology and Advanced Diploma of Business (Procurement and Supply Chain) and has also worked as an Army (Reserve) Chaplain since 2001.

Mike worked for Churches of Christ in South Australia, Victoria and Vanuatu from 1990 to 2005, including three years lecturing at a remote community college on South Pentecost, Vanuatu. Mike’s role within the organisation has included leading the bid and negotiation team for the Youth CONNECT Social Benefit Bond.

Mike will share Churches of Christ in Queensland’s experience with Social Benefit Bonds in the ‘Different approaches to funding community services’ concurrent session. Through this strategy, Churches of Christ in Queensland will be delivering the Youth CONNECT program addressing the area of homelessness specifically for young people transitioning from statutory care.