While we are still busy building our program, we can tell you that we will be focusing on people who have approached their business differently.  People who have seen a challenge and gone about solving it in an out of the box way or beyond the funding cycle!

Our keynote speakers will set the scene – what is the context in which we are working, what are our collective and overarching challenges; we will then explore innovation and what that is and how a different approach to thinking can help us rise to challenges differently.

To set the scene first up

Current Australian context – what is the environment we are working within and what are the conditions we need to innovate with. Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, The Australia Institute
What is social innovation and why should we embrace it? Belinda Bell,  Director of Cambridge Social Ventures, at Cambridge Judge Business School
The local context and why we as a sector need to innovate. Mark Henley, Chief Executive Officer, QCOSS

Our morning concurrent session will focus :

Collaboration for Impact: This session will set you up for the Masterclass on day two or provide you with a great understanding of how you can collaborate for impact.  We will explore case studies to see how this approach works.
Innovative solutions where citizens help citizens: We explore some projects and programs where people have worked together to make real change – whether it be on a community scale or person by person.
Gamification of everyday information to make impact: These organisations have taken the challenge of providing critical information through games.  Learn to play and the impact it has had.
Different approaches to funding community services:  This session explores different ways and approaches that can deliver funding.  Including social benefit bonds, market-led proposals, a variety of different models and social enterprise.

Our afternoon concurrent sessions will look at

Data and outcomes – collecting, measuring and using for impact.
Innovative and different approaches to closing the gap – these organisations have set about working with and in communities to make real change.

The day will end with a session from Family by Family, an innoative project from South Australia.  We will hear about how it was set up and from one of the ‘sharing families’.

“We find and train families who have been through tough times, who have come out the other side and are now experiencing more ups than downs. We call these families Sharing Families – families who have something to share.

Sharing Families support families who are going through tough times and want to make changes in their lives. We call these families Seeking Families – families who are seeking something more. Together the families work on achieving goals and move towards thriving lives. Nobody tells the families what they need to change – everyone’s goals are different.”

On day two we will host two masterclasses.

Masterclass one – Practical ways to innovate and collaborate will focus on building the foundations for place-based collaboration.

Masterclass two is still under construction.