Simon Rowe

At 19, Simon was evicted from his home and forced to live in his car for the next four
months having to sneak into the local caravan park for a shower each morning until he got back on his feet. For the next 20 years he would go on to forge a successful career as a
multiple business owner and operations consultant for some of Australia’s largest
Franchise Groups, until he quit the corporate world in 2016 after a chance encounter with a homeless man, the tiredest man Simon had ever seen, and decided to act.

Simon founded sleepbus in 2016. sleepbus is the world’s first charity converting old buses into temporary overnight accommodation for people sleeping rough. It took just eight weeks of crowdfunding to raise the $100,000 needed to build the very first sleepbus, which features 22 sleep pods, two toilets, personal lockers, 8 pet pods, an overnight Caretaker and monitored security system.

100% of public donations go directly to sleepbus projects and they prove it, by showing
where a donation goes including its progress through the build process and updates on
service locations. Donors can log on to the website to view real time statistics on

Our goal is to build 319 buses across Australia to END the need for people to sleep
rough. Just one sleepbus can provide 8,030 safe sleeps per year.

Simon will present in a concurrent session titled ‘Innovative solutions where citizens help citizens’.